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High School Diploma

The High School Diploma program is offered to adults wanting to complete their high school credits to earn a diploma.  Students will use our curriculum to progress through the coursework at their own pace. 


The teacher is available during class hours to assist students, monitor progress, and supervise exams. It is required that students maintain contact with the teacher either by attending class sessions, or attending remote/online meetings as assigned by the teacher.  


A distance learning program is also available to students that meet the minimum requirements.  All work is completed using an online program, and the student will check-in with the teacher by email or phone calls.  The final exam is to be completed in class under the supervision of the teacher.



Enrollment and assessment tests will be completed at the office:

  • Snowline Adult School/NTS West Campus 9258 Malpaso Rd. Phelan, CA 92371

New Student Orientation will be in the classroom, by appointment:

  • Snowline Adult School/ NTS East Campus 3919 Nielson Rd. Phelan, CA 92371

Classes are currently offered as online/remote. Students must have access to a computer, chromebook, or tablet with an internet connection to attend the remote sessions.



An official signed and sealed copy of your transcript from your last high school is required to register.

For help with getting a school transcript go to


Graduation Requirements:

 150 credits are required for diploma in the following subjects:

  • English 30 credits

  • Mathematics 20 credits

10 credits must meet or exceed state academic content standards for Algebra 1

  • Social Studies 30 credits

World History/Culture 10 credits

US History/Geography 10 credits

American Government/Civics 5 credits

Economics 5 credits

  • Science 20 credits

Biological Science 10 credits

Physical Science 10 credits

  • Fine Arts 10 credits

  • Electives 20 credits

  • Physical Education 20 credits Can substitute credits in other subjects

 Minimum of 10 credits must be earned at Snowline Adult School to receive diploma