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Mission Statement


Snowline Adult School is dedicated to inspiring the lives of our diverse student population to reach their full potential by providing a high quality education that focuses on a standards-based instructional program and 21st century skills.  Our goal is to promote confidence, instill success and to develop and achieve academic, career, and personal goals within our students’ community.




Student Learner Outcomes


Critical Thinkers who

  • Express their unique voices in speaking, writing and listening
  • Analyze, interpret, and evaluate content presented in multiple formats effectively
  • Think critically by formulating creative ideas and by implementing solutions


Effective Communicators who

  • Are able to articulate thoughts and ideas clearly in written and oral form
  • Develop and employ effective and appropriate communication techniques
  • Listen actively and respond appropriately
  • Use technology effectively and appropriately


College and/or career-focused learners who

  • Set personal academic and career goals
  • Obtain and demonstrate employable and workplace skills
  • Develop academic skills that can be used to support collage or career goals


Community Participants who

  • Use acquired knowledge in everyday situations
  • Are able to interpret and execute rules, regulations and standards of behavior in various settings
  • Are able to navigate a diverse population
  • Are an informed productive member of the community